To get started signup for the API to receive credentials. Each call requires the credentials.

UTC is used as timezone for the data.

Request limits

Subscription typePriceRequests per month
BasicComing soon3,000
PremiumComing soon15,000
UltimateComing soon90,000

Calls are limited per calendar month. If you run into the request limit you can request an increase here.


All API calls are GET requests and must provide the the API key and secret in one of the following ways, have the following headers:

Or use the Key and Secret as basic authentication credentials.

PHP request example

$key = 'apiKey';
$secret = 'apiSecret';
$result = file_get_contents(vsprintf('', [$key, $secret]));
if ($result === false) {
  throw new \Exception('Request error.');

$jsonResult = json_decode($result);
if ($jsonResult === null) {
  throw new \Exception('Invalid response.');