To get started signup for the API to receive credentials. All requests require your credentials.


Requests per monthRequest limitDownloads per month

Request limits are counted per calendar month.

API requests are limited to 10 per second.

API information

UTC is used as timezone for the data.

All API calls must be HTTP GET requests and must provide the the API key and secret in one of the following ways, have the following headers:

Or use the Key and Secret as basic authentication credentials.


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PHP example

$key = 'apiKey';
$secret = 'apiSecret';
$result = file_get_contents(vsprintf('', [$key, $secret]));
if ($result === false) {
  throw new Exception('Request error.');

$jsonResult = json_decode($result);
if ($jsonResult === null) {
  throw new Exception('Invalid response.');



Http response codeError
400Invalid parameter provided, make sure you provided valid values and dates are in the allowed range.
401Unauthorized request, please provide valid API credentials.
405Request method not allowed, use GET request.
429Too many requests in a row or monthly request limit reached.
500There was a problem executing the API request.