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  • Experty (EXY)
  • InsurePal (IPL)
  • iXledger (IXT)
  • Open Platform (OPEN)
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515 Experty (EXY) $0.01{41,68,44,46,51,51,40,50,28,0,100,16,18}-27,088,352$75,31417.44 %$264,253
- InsurePal (IPL) (old data) $0.00{27,48,32,31,0,0,87,13,71,98,100,29}-201,000,000$110.01 %$300,642
- iXledger (IXT) $0.01{31,100,1,58,47,18,43,16,15,8,0,58,3}-35,778,844$00.00 %$331,090
502 Open Platform (OPEN) $0.00{78,43,34,16,100,38,75,29,77,6,33,0,50}-436,114,139$1,1510.64 %$400,599