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5 Bitcoin Cash (BCH) $211.64{32,22,0,31,48,82,100,89,52,43,45,25,27,37}+0.84%18,149,625$8,550,4472.11 %$3,835,243,660
220 BlazeCoin (BLZ) $0.02{51,75,16,83,34,60,81,30,37,0,41,100,86,51}-5.85%212,785,802$16,5505.51 %$4,410,550
1 Bitcoin (BTC) $7,351.52{49,21,0,32,45,84,95,100,61,45,49,50,57,56}-0.13%18,085,512$244,013,5021.67 %$133,384,707,113
2 Ethereum (ETH) $147.66{77,26,0,46,69,99,100,80,58,48,45,43,49,42}-0.61%108,811,859$34,249,5592.38 %$16,041,407,808
3 Ripple (XRP) $0.22{100,72,4,12,32,56,71,68,39,27,22,0,9,31}+1.63%43,285,660,917$17,901,5551.50 %$9,545,882,979